Floating in the Backseat While the World Goes By

by Derek Deon

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Floating in the Backseat While the World Goes By is a conceptual effort of four years of sporadic recording sessions and revisited mixes, featuring a pool of Southern Oregon-based musicians, with Audio Engineering by Sandy Ficca and Mixing and Co-Production by Bret Levick. The album includes Derek Deon’s debut singles in the context of a seamless, atmospheric listening experience.


I was 17 years old when I went to Sandy Ficca's studio for the first time. At the time I'd written my first two songs and was certain that I was ready to make a record. Naturally, I was told I needed more songs. Stubborn as I was, I proposed that I could write material as we went, recording what I had along the way.

Throughout the process of recording this album, I was tracking demos in the studio while learning to play along to a click-track for the first time. I'd been playing guitar for about a year-and-a-half and my experience playing music was mostly comprised of learning a handful of my favorite songs on my acoustic guitar and playing them over and over again in the solitude of my bedroom. In other words, I didn't know what I was doing - just that I wanted to create something. These sessions of recording, scrapping, and rewriting my first compositions were spread out over the course of roughly three years; a process that, frankly, I'll never again approach the same way, knowing what I know now, but that I'm grateful for in what it taught me.

Floating in the Backseat While the World Goes By is an album that arose out of wanting to create something that embodied a feeling of nostalgia for long drives home in the backseat of my grandparent's car; of being a kid and finding peace in the low rumble of the engine, the quiet mumbling of their voices, and sometimes, the faint chatter of the radio.

It was about a year after I met Sandy and started working on the vague, yet convicted concept of making an album, that I came up with the title. I trimmed down my track-list from 12 songs to a mere 7, deciding to keep only what fit the theme I wanted for the album, sonically speaking.

Lyrically, these songs came from the feelings and experiences of the nearing end of my adolescence: first love, the yearning for social validation, and a soft spot for the simple comforts of childhood, like that feeling of falling asleep in the back of the car without a care in the world -from poeticizing and putting melodies to memories through rose-tinted lenses, and attempting to archive some of those thoughts and feelings, knowing that they can't ever truly be returned to in the same way. Now, it's sort of funny, and at times, even a little embarrassing hearing and performing some of the words that came out of that version of myself, having written these songs some odd years ago during a very naive and developmental time in my life. Still, like most people (especially in the digitized and well-documented age that we live in), I'm a sucker for nostalgia, near and far.


Special thanks for this project goes to Sandy Ficca for taking me on as the inexperienced, yet head-strong kid that I was (and still am), and for mentoring me through my first experiences in a recording studio, all while being a very busy, actively touring musician himself. I owe a lot of my passion for pursuing music as a creative outlet, and a lifestyle, to having the opportunity he provided me to create and learn in a hands-on way.

John Johns also deserves an emphasized acknowledgement for being the core of my first introduction to an independent music scene, and to my initial experiences collaborating with and learning from musicians far more seasoned than myself. Moving out of my parent's nest and into his house with his living room PA, his drum kit, and his willingness to get out and play my first gigs with me, will always be an essential part of what music has become to me.


released August 31, 2019

Produced by Derek Deon
Engineered by Sandy Ficca
Mixed by Bret Levick
Mastered by Jim Chapdelaine


all rights reserved



Derek Deon Ashland, Oregon

Derek Deon is a songwriter, performer, and recording artist based in Ashland, Oregon. Being a producer who enjoys using the studio and the stage as a sonic canvas, he enjoys somber, sensuous music, and copious amounts of reverb and delay in his guitar and vocal tones. ... more

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Track Name: When We're Older and Free
One of these days when we're older and free
You can be you and I can be me
We won't have to hide no, the world can see
Everything that we wanted to be

I wanna hold your hand...

When I was much younger somebody told me
Someone like you would never be free
From the restraints that you've made for yourself
It's a shame...it's a shame
But I just...

I wanna hold your hand...
Track Name: Melted Wax
I'm a broken record
Stuck on missing you
And it's the same old message
I've been sending you
I'm a broken record
Stuck on missing you

And those dim-lit nights
Hiding out in your room
Under those Christmas lights
Making love to the beat of the tunes
Those dim-lit nights
They made me calm when all else was wrong

Now I'm a broken record
Stuck on missing you
I'm a broken record

Then one hazy night
Sitting up on your roof
Everything was alright
'Cuz I was there with you
One hazy night
I think I fell in love with you

Now here I am
Without you
Bored and horny with nothing to do
Close my eyes and smell the perfume
You left on a card saying "see you soon"
Track Name: Guess It's Alright
I'm sick of hearing people talk about
All the things that they don't mean
I'm sick of myself
Doing the same thing

I'd like to be there when you wake up
If only to make sure that it's me and not someone else
I'd like to be there with you tonight
But I fucked it up so I guess it's alright

I'd like to show you my tattoos
Then maybe you could show me yours
I'll keep on knocking for just a little while
Even though I know you locked the door
Track Name: My Car is a Campfire
My Car is a Campfire
And I take it with me nearly everywhere I go

Things all around me pulling me away from what's real
Filling my mind with wasted time and it's making me feel
Like I need to be free from the air that I breath
It's all around me
Let's break away, let's have a getaway for a while
You and me we're gonna live our lives in style

I took a walk today with a good friend of mine
Went to a place up high where we could see the skyline
I thought a lot about things I can't live without
The hours I've burnt up driving miles and miles
And how it probably won't matter in a little while
You and me we're gonna live our lives in style

My car is a campfire
And I take it with me nearly everywhere I go
The world is my travel guide
And it's full of things that I wanna know
Track Name: Waiting For the Sun
I’ve been wondering
How long it will take for the feeling to kick in
I’m scanning all the faces in the crowd
Searching for
The people i call my friends
But I’m not recognizing any of these kids that probably like to pretend that
They don’t really care to fit in
Then people start fighting
The atmosphere’s dying
As the chemicals kick in

And all I want is to go home
But once I do I know I’ll just
Start to feel alone

Feel alone
I feel so alone
Feel so alone…

I’ve been wondering
Whether or not
The feeling will ever kick in
We’re sitting in the car and we’re so far past
Different ways to say what’s new with you and how have you been
We’re trying to hide from all the noise outside
But can’t ignore the fact that it’s out there and we’re trapped in here
I swear I thought this would be fun
Didn’t think that we’d end up sitting here waiting for the sun

And all you want is to go home
And what I’m scared of most is being left alone
Left alone

Don’t leave me alone no,
Don’t leave me alone
Leave me alone, no
Just leave me alone
Leave me alone, no
Leave me alone
Leave me alone, no
Don’t leave me alone
Track Name: Everything Ends
A summer night
Lights going by
As we take a drive

Staring out the windows wondering why

Headed home
It’s been a long night
Close my eyes

Floating in the backseat while the world goes by...

I never stopped to wonder why
All these dreams keep passing me by
You’re dozing off I stare at your closed eyes
I’ve never been good at goodbyes

I’ve got myself another job
The last one didn’t last so long
It’s just a matter of time before this infatuation dies
The seasons change and so do I

Everything Ends, Everything Ends
Everything Ends, Everything Ends…

Headed home
It’s been a long night
Close my eyes

Floating in the backseat while the world goes by...

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